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Engaging Our Youth in Programs




CharacterAssets© is a multi- dimensional youth enrichment program that fully eclipses the standards of learning experience in comparison to other character education, service learning,

and youth at-risk prevention programs.

CharacterAssets© integrates core positive youth development performance skill sets, and key risk avoidance factors, of Character Building, Self-esteem, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) ,Life Skills Competency,General Mental Health & Physical Wellness, and Service Learning, into an all inclusive dynamic format that inspires a long range carry over of skill building, through "kid relevant" daily life learning experiences.

The CharacterAssets© Program has been recognized by the House of Representatives, and the Office of the Governor of the State of New Jersey, for its contribution to the youth of New Jersey, and community service learning achievements. It was awarded the "Program of Excellence in Design" by the New Jersey Parks and Recreation Commission. CharacterAssets, Inc. has been invited to present at workshops and conferences, including the New Jersey Character Education Annual Conference.Somerset County Youth Services Commission, and the New Jersey Girl Scout Conference/Governor's State House.

CharacterAssets has served hundreds of youth through community organizations, school based venues, and court ordered disposition, for first time juvenile offenders, through grants supported by The Office Of Juvenile Prevention and Delinquency, Youth Services and Municipal Alliance Agencies, and Character/Service Learning School funding sources.

CharacterAssets, Inc. is directly responsible for creating, organizing, and implementing several original youth drivencommunity service learning initiatives, "With Great Character" including: a commemorative "Martin Luther King Day of Service", at Conerly Road Middle School, Franklin Township, NJ, in partnership with a National Service Learning Leader School, Bernard's Regional High School, Bernards Township, NJ. - KIPP Team Academy, Newark, NJ, Project PEACE WORKS! Violence Prevention and Bully Free Campaign ,which included creating an original bulletin board display, video invitations to Senator Cory Booker, & Ms. Kerry Kennedy , RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and the student participants also drafting their own violence and bully prevention pledge, with gathering over 200 signatures, to get the message across to "Stop the Violence and make PEACE WORK! "in YOUR school and community !

According to CASEL: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, Learning curriculum's that include an emphasis on skill building in SEL development further reinforces in our youth a greater potential for academic success, and enhanced prevention in high risk behaviors including substance abuse, truancy, violence, and bullying. Also in a landmark review conducted by CASEL, students who receive SEL education had generally more positive attitudes about education, and improved an average of 11 percentile points on standardized achievement tests in comparison to students who did not receive/have SEL education within a learning environment, which could be well founded to include after school program type initiatives, as well.